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Prices are for roundtrip per adult including taxes. Average price below indicates average for the listed booking date.
FromToBooking DateDeal PriceAverage PricePosted onAirlineTrip DurationBooking URL
New York AreaPuerto Vallarta2020-05-28 – 2020-06-04$ 310$ 5392019-12-07InterJet1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaBali Indonesia2020-01-28 – 2020-02-04$ 751$ 11362019-12-06Qatar Airways1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaShanghai2020-01-23 – 2020-02-06$ 540$ 7892019-12-06American2-WeeksCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBengaluru2020-03-09 – 2020-03-16$ 851$ 11882019-12-06Qatar Airways1-WeekCheck Price
New York AreaParis2020-04-27 – 2020-05-04$ 295$ 5042019-12-06British Airways1-WeekCheck Price
New York AreaParis2020-01-24 – 2020-01-28$ 330$ 5032019-12-06NorwegianExtended-WeekendCheck Price
Dallas AreaBengaluru2020-04-09 – 2020-04-23$ 908$ 12952019-12-06Qatar Airways2-WeeksCheck Price
Chicago AreaBengaluru2020-02-05 – 2020-02-12$ 815$ 11512019-12-06Etihad1-WeekCheck Price
Dallas AreaBengaluru2020-03-02 – 2020-03-09$ 885$ 12932019-12-06Qatar Airways1-WeekCheck Price
Dallas AreaBengaluru2020-01-15 – 2020-01-29$ 886$ 12912019-12-06Lufthansa2-Weeks US-Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCheck Price
Chicago AreaLos Angeles Area2020-02-14 – 2020-02-18$ 158$ 2212019-12-06SpiritExtended-Weekend US-Holiday Washington’s BirthdayCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaHouston2020-01-19 – 2020-01-26$ 135$ 1832019-12-06United1-Week US-Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCheck Price
New York AreaTokyo2020-02-12 – 2020-02-26$ 723$ 10682019-12-05Asiana2-Weeks US-Holiday Washington’s BirthdayCheck Price
Chicago AreaBeijing2020-05-06 – 2020-05-20$ 563$ 7872019-12-05United and Air Canada2-WeeksCheck Price
Chicago AreaBeijing2020-02-29 – 2020-03-07$ 440$ 7872019-12-05United1-WeekCheck Price
San Francisco AreaSydney2020-04-09 – 2020-04-23$ 843$ 12042019-12-05Fiji Airways2-WeeksCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBarcelona2020-03-12 – 2020-03-26$ 393$ 6162019-12-05United2-WeeksCheck Price
San Francisco AreaMilan Italy2020-02-04 – 2020-02-11$ 493$ 7182019-12-05Norwegian Air International and easyJet1-WeekCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBangkok2020-05-23 – 2020-05-30$ 498$ 6972019-12-05China Southern1-Week US-Holiday Memorial DayCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaDominican Republic2020-04-26 – 2020-05-03$ 303$ 4542019-12-05COPA1-WeekCheck Price
San Francisco AreaDominican Republic2020-05-26 – 2020-06-02$ 369$ 5492019-12-05COPA1-WeekCheck Price
San Francisco AreaDubai2020-02-26 – 2020-03-04$ 694$ 10412019-12-05KLM1-WeekCheck Price
San Francisco AreaSydney2020-03-21 – 2020-03-28$ 843$ 12052019-12-05Fiji Airways1-WeekCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaDominican Republic2020-05-29 – 2020-06-02$ 303$ 4532019-12-05COPAExtended-WeekendCheck Price
San Francisco AreaBeijing2020-04-06 – 2020-04-13$ 494$ 6802019-12-05Hainan1-WeekCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBeijing2020-01-13 – 2020-01-27$ 367$ 5592019-12-05Hainan2-Weeks US-Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCheck Price
San Francisco AreaDominican Republic2020-02-07 – 2020-02-11$ 381$ 5492019-12-05UnitedExtended-WeekendCheck Price
New York AreaShanghai2020-01-16 – 2020-01-23$ 522$ 7462019-12-05JetBlue and Hainan1-Week US-Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBali Indonesia2020-04-17 – 2020-04-24$ 635$ 8532019-12-05China Airlines1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaMexico City2020-04-29 – 2020-05-06$ 277$ 3762019-12-05InterJet1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaMunich2020-02-27 – 2020-03-05$ 519$ 7432019-12-05Aer Lingus1-WeekCheck Price
Dallas AreaHong Kong2020-05-06 – 2020-05-20$ 790$ 11142019-12-05Alaska and Cathay Pacific2-WeeksCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBeijing2020-01-28 – 2020-02-04$ 357$ 5602019-12-05Alaska and Hainan1-WeekCheck Price
Dallas AreaLas Vegas2020-02-07 – 2020-02-14$ 92$ 1632019-12-05Spirit1-WeekCheck Price
Dallas AreaLas Vegas2020-01-24 – 2020-01-28$ 85$ 1622019-12-05SpiritExtended-WeekendCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaParis2020-05-08 – 2020-05-12$ 428$ 6032019-12-05NorwegianExtended-WeekendCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBeijing2020-05-02 – 2020-05-09$ 400$ 5592019-12-05Alaska and Hainan1-WeekCheck Price
Los Angeles AreaBeijing2020-03-15 – 2020-03-29$ 319$ 5592019-12-05Hainan2-WeeksCheck Price
New York AreaPuerto Vallarta2020-05-03 – 2020-05-10$ 340$ 5392019-12-05InterJet1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaBeijing2020-04-23 – 2020-04-30$ 505$ 7862019-12-05United1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaBeijing2020-03-21 – 2020-04-04$ 450$ 7852019-12-05Delta2-WeeksCheck Price
San Francisco AreaBelize2020-01-17 – 2020-01-21$ 459$ 6402019-12-05AmericanExtended-Weekend US-Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCheck Price
San Francisco AreaBangkok2020-05-28 – 2020-06-04$ 521$ 7482019-12-05United and ANA1-WeekCheck Price
Chicago AreaMilan Italy2020-04-24 – 2020-04-28$ 534$ 7592019-12-05Norwegian Air International and easyJetExtended-WeekendCheck Price
Chicago AreaCancun2019-12-20 – 2019-12-24$ 374$ 5472019-12-05SpiritExtended-Weekend US-Holiday Winter BreakCheck Price
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